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      XIAMEN WATERPROOF SPORT CO.,LTD - A proud Chinese , waterproof jacket Travel and Outdoor brand

      Welcome to the XIAMEN WATERPROOF SPORT CO.,LTD website showcasing the very latest range of travel and outdoor equipment. For over 10 years the XIAMEN WATERPROOF SPORT CO.,LTD brand has provided China's with the innovative and quality made wheeled waterproof jacket and rain coat,wataterproof hunting suit , travel accessories, waterproof bags, tents. Explore this site and find out why Kingq auuatics is a growing international sensation.

      New waterproof ski essentials that are ideal for any Ski sport adventure or outdoor away. From strong material to production technique and Jacket to tent - our new range of Ski sport accessories are selling now.

      Versitile and durable, the WATERPROOF SPORT Sky Master and Fast Track Series of waterproof Jacket are the best choice for any adventurer. Light and soft,Easy to packing and keep warm at night,keep dry in the rainy.

      WATERPROOF SPORT's range of waterproof bags, duffles and heavy duty barrel bags have been designed for a range of work and outdoor activities. These bags are ideal for camping, four wheel driving, climbing, fishing, sailing, and most team sports in addition to being an ideal partner on the worksite.

      WATERPROOF SPORT are specialist manufactures of high waterproof Jacket, hunting systems and gear bags. If you are after high quality and innovative high visibility safety products, just check out our range of products.

      The WATERPROOF SPORT Online Shop has the full range of Waterproof Jacket,Rain coat, travel and outdoor gear to get you ready for your next adventure. If you cannot find one of our great KING-Q WATERPROOF SPORT roducts in store, buy online.


      For decades our product development and testing has been a communal process, where we get feedback directly from the local hunters. This relationship allows us to provide quality conscious hunters with the best, non-compromising hunting clothing that will perform in even the toughest weather conditions.
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